Cloudworks is a software development firm based out of Maia, Portugal that has developed a new method of assessing threat to a company from hackers and other data thieves. The goal with their new vulnerabilities report is to spread the awareness of threat to proprietary and personal data.

Maia, Portugal — Cloud computing has become the new technology battlefield. It has enabled companies to save millions and lose millions due to theft. In 2015 over 169 million personal records were exposed to criminals and fraudsters according to the ITRC Data Breach Report with 2016 looking to show more of that same trend. Companies are simply ill prepared for the level and sophistication of cyber attacks that are coming from hackers the world over. Companies like Cloudworks believe that their solution will help companies save millions now and in the future. They are now offering a Vulnerabilities Report that they believe is the first step in not only demonstrating a company’s security weaknesses, but also in fixing them.

The company has developed their approach to data protection after years of working in the industry and noting cybersecurity reporting trends. They found that in spite of increased surveillance and awareness of the potential for breaches, the numbers of these incidents continued to increase. Much of this they attribute to the fact that both businesses and governments have moved to the adoption of cloud-based collaborative work environments, as well as, mobile and social computing.  This makes it more difficult to defend information technology systems from hackers and thieves.

Their vulnerabilities report is the first step in their cybersecurity process and helps companies and individuals understand why they need security in the first place. By aggressively attempting to breach systems, you know where the vulnerabilities lie and can fix them. “We offer this report to enable our clients to see the ways that information thieves can access their information so that they can defend their data effectively,” says José Matos - CEO. “We encourage people to use our vulnerabilities reports as a way to beef up what they already have in use. Our tool is useful for anyone, company or business, that wants to feel safe while on the Internet. We act as auditor of what already exists and is in place so that they can either feel secure in what they have already done or make the necessary changes to safeguard their interests better.”

The company believes that their report is not just for companies that want to protect their brand, but individuals who are worried they will lose private information to thieves. “This isn’t just for companies; we’ve created a service that is affordable for everyone. If your reputation or income depends on your website, you need our Vulnerabilities Report.”

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