Idaho Falls, Idaho; December 12, 2013: For a limited time only, the author of Sammie Snail Does Not Want a Shell will be offering readers an opportunity to own the book completely free of charge. To coincide with the release of this highly anticipated tale for children, Jenny Baker has announced that it will be available as a free eBook from the 12th to the 16th of December, only on Amazon. 

According to the author, taking the unusual step of offering a brand new publication at no cost is a way for her to express gratitude for the opportunity to bring her hard-earned expertise and writing talent to the public eye. In a statement to the press, she explained that she hopes to share the story with as many readers as possible and introduce Sammie and his adventures to a generation of young children. As the first in what Ms. Baker hopes will be a series of books for younger readers that focus on “the many joys of living”, she claims that her intention is to help children across the world celebrate and embrace that which can often go unappreciated. 

Given the book’s very recent publication date, Ms. Baker’s announcement has been met with anticipation and approval. Attendees at the release event, both critics and experts in the field of education, praised both her selfless gesture and the instructive value of the book. Some of them even referred to it as “one of the very best children’s books of the past year”. According to the author, Sammie the Snail Does Not Want a Shell is a “whimsical tale that reveals how silly it is to worry about the things that make us different” and encourages readers to see those differences in a new light. 

Ms. Baker is a housewife and mother of three who currently resides in Idaho Falls, Idaho with her family. She has developed a deep understanding of the needs of children and the topics that concern them through years of caring for her own children and those of her extended family, she says. 

For more information about the release event, visit or contact Ms. Baker’s representatives at Tel. 758138522 or by email at [email protected] .