Cast Led by Actress and Former Miss Panama and star, Liza Hernandez

December 08, 2015 — Tired of reality shows exploiting the same old gossip and controversy? How about water cooler conversation centered on drama AND dreams? Meet the cast of City of Dreams, a new reality show making its way around networks highlighting LA’s new class of entertainers: singers, actresses, models, and brand ambassadors. Each with a distinct fan base and platform, witness their struggles to superstardom unfold in a city where dreamers are literally a dime a dozen. Get an inside look at the trials of becoming America’s new darlings like never seen before.

Driven and ambitious, former Miss Panama Liza Hernandez found herself the focus of tabloid fodder with a few notable celebrity romances. Today, Hernandez is propelling herself in a positive spotlight, rebuilding her life and acting career. Exactly what will it take for the pageant winner to achieve her goals?

Rounding out the cast are: Tresla Gilbreath, head of Multi Facet Inc. agency, keeping her A-list clients in check all the while making a name for herself in a male-dominated industry; Empress Skia Bleu, an Asian American rapper and single mother whose position as executive assistant to a multi-millionaire has her keeping deep, dark secrets of the high-profile elite; Stevie Boi, an emerging designer whose eyewear has been worn by Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, Kanye West, and more; Elle Royal, formerly known as Patwa, who changed her “rap emcee” name to Elle Royal- meaning “She Royal” in French, and to reflect her first name, Danielle, and Ayisha Diaz and Lady Selys, a social media beauty and an acclaimed female photographer, respectively.

It’s a man’s world, and these ladies know the obstacles faced in reaching the top of the ladder. Watch as they make their ways to the top of the industry…or crumble as they navigate the City of Dreams.

The series is produced by Box Star Films.

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