Stouffville, Ontario www.pooppills.comDigestive problems can become a nuisance and get in the way of everyday life.  For those that suffer from bowel discomfort, there are many over the counter options but not all work for everyone and many contain chemicals or added ingredients they would rather not ingest.  Now a new all natural product free from binders and fillers has been created for bowel cleansing called Poop Pills

These natural bowel cleanse pills developed in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada are said to promote easy bowel movements where no excess squeezing or pushing is required. Poop Pills help combat gas, bloating and nighttime digestive upsets that can get in the way of everyday activities. 

The product is 100 percent natural and created from organic wild crafted and an herbal formula that helps disinfect, soothe and heal the colon. Best of all they claim it contains only herbs and no added ingredients like binders or fillers. Most bowel cleansers on the market will have added ingredients, even the natural ones. So Poop Pills is doing something unique it being truly the most natural bowel cleanse on the market.

Poop Pills are said to also relieve constipation and maintains bowel regularity daily while also detoxifying and cleansing the gastrointestinal tract.  This wild crafted bowel detox system and herbal colon cleanse improves digestion and relieves gas and discomfort from cramps.  Most importantly if you suffer from constipation it can ensure you get going again without any problems.

These natural colon cleanse pills also destroy candida albicans, a harmful yeast in our digestive tracts. In addition Poop Pills destroy and expel intestinal parasites and overall improve gastrointestinal circulation and function.

Poop Pills are making a statement that they are different than other colon cleansing products on the market being both very powerful while not making any compromises and maintaining an additive free composition.  They also stimulate and strengthen the muscular movement of the colon known as peristalsis.  Best of all they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Poop Pills are looking to make a mark in the industry without making any compromises.

Their powerful bowel cleanse and natural constipation treatment product can be purchased on Amazon for only $29.00.  Poop Pills are guaranteed to work and make customers say “wow” at the results or customers can ask for a refund.  There are no additives or fillers in Poop Pills, no magnesium stearate, it is non-GMO and crafted with only the finest products.

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Poop Pills are a Canadian Company, producing high potency wildharvested herbal supplements. Their bowel cleanser Poop Pills has received very positive reviews!

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