United States of America; 11, February 2015: There are various entrepreneurial ventures that are bringing a revolution in the world of technology. KaKa is one such venture that is made to record personalized messages. These personalized messages are an important way to keep reminding oneself about their important tasks throughout the day. People can use it as an alarm or use them to play the recorded poems for their kids. One just needs to set the timer and the device will play messages as long as 60 seconds. 

This high definition device plays the audio well and clear and it is the best way to give messages to someone or play a reminder for the user himself. It is portable to use and once it plays the messages there is a LED light that gets activated while it plays the messages. There are various revolutionary projects coming up in the world of technology and the new entrepreneurs need motivation to use their qualities. The best way to start these ventures is to take help of crowd funding sources. These sources help the entrepreneurs in showcasing their talent and bringing up something useful for the buyers. 

KaKa is something similar that came up from the work of talented professionals. The battery of this product lasts for around five days and people can charge this product with the use of USB cables. These USB cables also help in transferring the messages from computers to the device. One should make sure that they read the user tutorials of this product properly before they use them. It will help them in keeping the product safe and utilize the full potential of the product. People who have a habit of forgetting important meetings of other important works would find this device very useful. It enhances efficiency and punctuality. Since the message reminds them of the important task that they have to work on it helps them reach the place on time. 

Kaka has also aimed to keep the new entrepreneurs motivated and give example of their crowd funding model to help the new start ups to design some similar product. Designing such products proves to be costly and it is not in the hands of one person to finish it on his own. Kaka has gone through various checks before it was finally launched. The campaign has also helped the developers of Kaka to advertise their product well. People can read about this product online and buy them once they are satisfied with its functioning. It is cost effective and would surely help the buyers in various important tasks in their day to day activities. 

About Kaka: 

Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kaka-multi-sensor-talking-orb 

Kaka is a new multi sensor device designed by Jeff SKL and R-Bot organization. This product has been developed under the crowd funding model and has been helping various people in their day to day activities.