Los Angeles, CA; 31 December, 2013: Miley re-enters the scene with beautifully shot video for her new single “Adore You”. The video can be seen on the front of The Daily Rocker’s New Music Video Pop Station, By far the best place to watch youtube music videos. 

Daily Rocker


Miley Cyrus

With music video numbers at an all-time high, is there a better way to watch youtube and vevo music videos? YES. There is NOW. 

The Daily Rocker, a new music video site that quietly ushered into existence a few months back, now offers full browser viewing with facebook chat. 

Chatting on G Talk and Facebook once had to happen in one window while watching content in another. Now, you can keep up with friends while going fullscreen. The site features no distracting recommended thumbnails or page ads. Just the music videos running non-stop. 

It’s hand curated content could be another reason behind it’s quick viral push. Similar to a “Music Video Pandora” a viewer can click a station and just kick back and watch, without having to click anything again. Hours of hand programmed music videos .