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New Lenox, Il, 9/30/2015 — According to James Matthew of Miracle Alternatives, LLC they have a new method for treating the awful condition of Neuralgia.
Before we explain the new treatment let's explain what neuralgia is.
Neuralgia is a stabbing, burning, and often quite severe pain that occurs along a damaged nerve. The damaged nerve may be anywhere in the body, but is most common in the face and neck.
James Matthew suggests using a rife machine. However, not just any rife machine. It should be the Miracle Rife Machine sold and made by Miracle Alternatives, LLC. This is not a plug for their machine.
The Miracle Rife Machine using it for 30 minutes a day should restructure the trillions of cells to their correct strength and correct vibrations.
Furthermore, unlike any other rife machines the Miracle Rife offers the optional Miracle Rife Wand in which dispenses up to 60,000 healing volts of electrostatic negative ion electricity. You simply place the wand over the painful area such as the neck. Treat the painful area for fifteen to thirty minutes a day until you feel better results.
After the user starts feeling better he or she can adjust the usage at their own necessity.
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Summary: Neuralgia is nothing easy to live with. So far, the only western medical treatment for it is usually painkillers. Painkillers have severe side effects. They are addicting, and they do not heal.
Whereas the Miracle Rife along with th Miracle Rife Wand has the potential not only to make the user feel better but over time to possibly heal neuralgia.
About Miracle Alternatives, LLC: Miracle Alternatives, LLC has been in business since 2013. They are the creator of the Miracle Rife and the Miracle Rife Wand. The only place to purchase this machine is from Miracle Alternatives, LLC.
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