Up to 1000 small businesses can now use P4 Publishing’s new “The Boss” software that helps find customers and generate more sales by getting a company online. It creates a business website, Google + account and utilizes Twitter and Facebook for business .

The Boss (The Business Online Software System) has been two years in development and is now ready for final mass testing — which means free access in return for testimonials and comments for up to1000 business owners. “It helps small businesses of all types from salons to solicitors, florists to financial advisors, mechanics to mortgage brokers to roofers to real estate brokers to build an efficient online presence to attract the existing potential customers that are already looking for them — in their area ”, says Tony Hetherington the man behind the The Boss and P4 Publishing.

Through P4 Publishing, Tony Hetherington helps small businesses get online and make the most of a business website through webinars, e-courses, articles and now The Boss software. Recent content at its http://www.promotetheboss.com/ website includes a plan for Facebook marketing and webinars for using Google, Twitter, and Facebook for business.

“I’m offering free access for up to 1000 small businesses to help people in this bad economy and to collect feedback and testimonials”, says Hetherington. “It’s a win — win situation, but they need to hurry as this offer will close when we hit 1000 or are ready for the full launch.”

The Boss runs on a PC and has been designed to be simple to use for users in the USA, UK and Canada and…

- Finds the potential customers already looking for a company’s goods or services in their local area
- Creates a business website to make them the “go to expert” and includes directions and maps
- Creates a mobile version of this business website
- Creates a Facebook marketing page with an element that could go viral
- Creates a Twitter marketing account for the business
- Builds a Google Places and Google+ Business Page listings optimised the way Google wants them
- Creates their own powerful QR Codes that can turn one time customer’s into repeat business.
- Automates the creation of the accounts they’ll need
-Finds images for them to use, creates the copy they’ll need and builds videos and posts them on Youtube

“The Boss makes things so simple, all you need to know about is your own business and the Boss does the rest. I love watching the software create the videos and website, they’re built in front of your eyes. This software will create all you’ll need to get your business online and you can get it for free — if you’re fast enough”, says Hetherington.

Although the software is free to these 1000 users it’s only fair and full disclosure to mention that there will be some small costs incurred. These costs include $3.99 for one service the software manages on your behalf and approximately $4 a month for hosting from one of the best hosting services.

Any small business wanting to take up this offer should go to http://www.promotetheboss.com/beta/ and get started before it’s filled up or to http://www.promotetheboss.com/ for more information.

Tony Hetherington is available for comment and interview and can be reached via, Tony Hetherington 59 Greenfields, Earith, Cambs, PE28 3QH, UK