PeopleMaps has just launched a new free service for webmasters that lets you embed one of the personality reports in your website and give free personality reports to all your visitors without them leaving your page.

PeopleMaps has been pioneering online personality testing for over ten years and has launched a new service for webmasters, where you may embed a personality test into your website.

“People love personality tests. Just look at any of the magazines and you will find some sort of personality test.” explains Martin Gibbons, CEO of PeopleMaps. “There is nothing more fascinating than self. This is why PeopleMaps has had over a million people complete its questionnaire.”

It’s certainly true that personality tests are extremely popular. A quick look on Google shows that the phrase “personality test” get’s over a million searches per month.

But what can a personality test actually tell you?

“Almost everything is affected by your personality but PeopleMaps focuses on issues that affect your work. We have free reports that tell you something about your recruitment style and we have reports that tell you about your ideal job.” says Gibbons.

So is this good news for webmasters? Gibbons claims it is, “We have developed unique widget technology to let webmasters embed the entire experience in their site. The questionnaire and report appears in a small window 300 x 320, so the webmaster can give their visitors a fantastic free personality report without the visitor leaving their page. Typically it keeps your visitors on the page for between 5 and ten minutes and we all know how important it is to keep visitors on your site.”

Recent changes in Google Panda and Penguin give more consideration to bounce rates and time spent on site. In simple terms, if Google sees people spending longer on your site then they assume your content is good and this will be reflected in your search engine ranking. Webmasters need to do everything they can to extend the time a visitors spends on their site.

Webmasters are encouraged to try it out for themselves. There is no charge to webmasters and they may embed the personality widget as often as they like on as many sites as they like. The reports are delivered immediately to the visitor as soon as they have completed the short questionnaire.


PeopleMaps was founded in 2001 and has pioneered online personality profiling. It provides professional personality profiling and training to companies and individuals. The PeopleMaps system is used by thousands of companies for recruitment and development. The questionnaire has been completed by 1.4 million users to date.

Martin Gibbons
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