Modern life brings the success in terms of materials as well as a great lack of exercise. An increasing number of people have recognized that exercise on weekends is necessary. For people who live nearby the lake, riding around the lake is pretty popular, especially for the young family. With their children, an exercising weekends is not only fashionable but healthy as well. Recently, a new kind of vehicle becomes more and more popular, which is called electric self-balancing unicycle.

Nowadays, some young families choose to ride bicycle around the lake to exercise and enjoy their family time with children. In addition, some travelers prefer to rent a public bicycle to explore tourist attractions and the scenery of the city instead of the traditional tourist bus. Last Sunday, when roaming around Lake Michigan, some could notice that there sonetlm2s were several young families and tourists riding the electric self-balancing scooter instead of the traditional cycles around the Lake Michigan. Though, the Greenway is designed for bicycle fans, nowadays, electric self-balancing scooter is becoming a competitive rival.

Undoubtedly, riding bicycles around the lake is a classical event, attracting millions of fans all over the world. However, except for those professional exerciser and athletes, the purpose of common people is just relaxing themselves or enjoying the extraordinary scenery of the lake. Taking this factor into consideration, an Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter seems better. Totally depending on battery, people can enjoy themselves without consuming too much strength and energy. Once fully charged, it can cover a distance of 40 to 50 km.

In addition, for those travelers and families, taking photos to memorize the journey cannot be missed. Riding a bicycle will eliminate the possibility while an Airwheel intelligent electric scooter is a competent assistant. Holding a camera in one’s left hand, he or she is able to control the scooter with the right hand. Airwheel S-series and A3 can completely satisfy this requirement.
It is the right time for people to go out on weekends and ride an Airwheel electric self-balancing unicycle to relax them around the lake. Moreover, family time is an extremely valuable thing in the world. Going outside and taking some photos for the children, everyone cannot miss it.

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