On May 24 of this year, Projectsdeal launched their app available in the App Store for IOS devices. The app was designed to make custom services easier and make help more accessible. Clients are now able to download the Projectsdeal app, calculate the cost of services, and chat to executives for personal guidance.

Since 2004, Projectsdeal has been the UK’s most popular student writing service, according to their website. They provide writing assistance with dissertations, essays, coursework, and more. The service specializes in helping undergraduate, masters, and PHD international students.

They claim to have a vision to help students achieve high scores. Projectsdeal believes that, with their expertise, they can help clients secure monumental careers and promising futures.

Projectsdeal writers have over 12 years of experience and share thousands of distinctions and merits. They come from both the UK and US and provide reliable, professional help for all clients. To improve customer service and keep up with rising demand, they have recently added 34 new professional writers to their already large team.

Client testimonials on Projectsdeal’s website refer to Projectsdeal as “accurate, quick, and top-notch.” Others say their “quality guidance helped [her] achieve the best.” Projectsdeal has served more than 100,000 satisfied international students in the UK. More reviews can be found on their Facebook page where they’ve earned 4.9 out of 5 stars.

The service repeatedly comments on their strong commitment to customer service, and they offer unlimited revisions to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. They also have chat-lines that ensure help 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

It is clear Projectsdeal believes in results and aims for only the best. They maintain a set of six principles when forming a dissertation topic: domain, sub-domain, primary research data, impact, secondary research data, and data source. The service offers writing help under most subjects such as accounting, business, politics, psychology, law, and more. Clients can work comfortably knowing their projects will be handled discreetly and in cooperation with assignment guidelines. With each project, they provide help at every step of the writing process and take responsibility of fulfilling assignment requirements.

All writing projects are promised to be original work and 100% plagiarism free. Projectsdeal assures that all work will be delivered well before the assignment deadline; proofreading and editing are included. In addition to helping clients finalize topics and proposals, they provide a full set of references, construct presentations with speaker notes, and utilize top-of-the-line research tools.

Most importantly, Projectsdeal is totally confidential. Written work will never be copied or resold,and clients’ works are theirs forever.

The service offers three writing plans with custom services to fit clients’ every need. The three plans are Economy, Royal, and Premium with Premium being the most popular. There is a plan to suit every budget and every client.

To help with pricing, potential clients can find a quick-price calculator at the top of the home page. Unlimited revisions guarantee that clients get their money’s worth.

For more information, check out the Projectsdeal app on the App store, visit their website at http://projectsdeal.co.uk.
Contact information:

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VP, Projectsdeal, London

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