31 December, 2013: Elizabeth Allen of Plano, Texas, is proud to announce the launch of her new website, www.howtogetridofinnerthighfatx.com. This website is dedicated to providing information on how to get rid of inner thigh fat. It is aimed at women of all ages who have struggled unsuccessfully with thigh fat over the years. Many women who have inner thigh fat don’t talk about it much and that is the reason why there is so little done to help these women. Most of the exercises that are prescribed online hardly work. This is what drove Elizabeth to creating a resource that had real solutions for thigh fat.

When we asked Elizabeth whether it was her own personal experience that drove her, her answer was yes. “I am a girl who has been desperate to shed off all my extra weight for more than a decade without success. I am not a dietician or professional trainer. I am just a woman who wanted to lose weight and shed off her ugly thigh fat.” She was able, after much experimentation and research, to come up with a simple method that helped her get slimmer thighs.

On her website, she reveals exercises that teach women how to lose leg fat. She has prepared very detailed videos showing step by step exactly what should be done. She also gives 10 tips that tell how to get skinny legs. One surprising tip that she gives is to eat more. Many women who are struggling with how to lose thigh fat actually eat less in a bid to lose weight. According to Elizabeth, “It is highly recommended to eat smaller portions of food more often. It is unhealthy to skip several or all meals in a day and then binge before bed time. Come up with a healthy eating plan that allows you to take in at least 1000 calories a day. Remember, you want to start on a diet that you can maintain as a lifestyle. So get a healthy and manageable plan.”

She is right. According to leading online health website WebMD, smaller meals more often is the answer. “Every time you eat a meal or snack, your gastrointestinal tract turns on, so to speak, and starts digesting food and absorbing nutrients. It costs calories to fire up the human digestion machine, so it makes sense that the more small meals or snacks you eat through the day, the more calories you’d burn.”

We asked Elizabeth if she has tried this revolutionary method on anyone else with success and according to her, she has tried it on people with different body types and it has worked on each of them so long as they have followed it exactly and so long as they are disciplined and keep to the regimen. “If you do the exercises and follow the tips consistently, you will lose thigh fat”, she told us. “The problem though is that many women are not consistent. They do it today and tomorrow because they are busy they decide to skip it. It doesn’t work that way.”

You can contact Elizabeth for more information through her website http://howtogetridofinnerthighfatx.com