Manchester, NH — May 30, 2016 — Today, thieves are scattered everywhere. They could be in the streets, inside the restaurants, and even online. While banking institutions and authorities have developed some measures to protect consumers, it seems that the crooks are still making their way to the pockets of consumers.

New credit card chip phishing scam targets new credit card users. These users are individuals who have just switched to the newly released credit cards with chips in them. These chips called EMVs are designed to make it difficult for thieves to steal personal and financial information.

According to Bonnie Smyre, an internet security expert from a local company, crooks send out fake emails that look authentic enough to fool quite a number of people. He also added that thieves are sending more emails that look legitimate even if they are fake. Crooks also use graphics from the bank of consumers.

The scam works by first making emails appear legit. Then it asks consumers to update their information since the card is on the way, and the personal and banking information needs to be updated. Smyre suggest that consumers should ignore emails such as these. Individuals who are receiving emails may get some verifications from the bank.

Identity thieves use different ways to steal information, in addition to phishing scams. There are those who use skimming devices to scan and steal the information from credit cards. The entire process can happen in just a matter of minutes and without the consumers knowing it.

There have been many cases where consumers are victimized by crooks even if their credit cards are inside their wallets. Unfortunately, victims of identity theft do not only suffer from financial loss but also the laborious and time-consuming process of clearing out their names.

Consumers have been resorting to a variety of measures to increase their protection against these thieves. There are those who become more watchful to their belongings and vigilant while dining out or traveling. There are even identity theft protection services and products available nowadays.

One of the most popular products against identity theft is the set of RFID blocking sleeves. These sleeves are designed to protect credit card from thieves. They block skimming devices from reading the information encrypted in the card.

Consumers can use these sleeves to cover their credit cards and place them in their wallets. The RFID blocking sleeves can also protect passports and are available at

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