China - Wedding photography is very crucial thing for each bride-to-be. In the process of wedding photography, each bride-to-be should not only pay more attention to the selection of wedding dress but also they need to note many other factors before the wedding photo taking. Today, the warmly-hearted editor from Fanny Brides which is the best online seller for all kinds of Special Occasion Gowns will introduce with each bride these attentively factors.

All factors below are attentively points which should be carefully considered by each bride.

First, if the bride wants to trim or modify their hair length, style or shape, they should firstly finish all of these things for a week before the wedding photos shooting so that their hair can be more naturally in the process of photo shooting. This factor is very crucial.

Secondly, if the bride want to have their wedding photo with their sunglasses, they need to pay more attention that the sunglasses with tinted or reflective effect should be avoided or it will affect the finally effect of wedding photo. However, wearing for contactlens is permitted.

Thirdly, at the eve before the wedding photos taking, bride need to enjoy the relaxing bath and ensure they could have adequate sleep and clean hair. The using of mousse, hair spray and other styling liquids should be totally avoided.

Fourthly, bride should not do any kind of make-up before the photos taking. However, some basically facial maintenance can be done in advance. It could let the bride become very brightening with pleasure.

Fifth, if new bride wants to shoot their wedding photo on location in winter, they need to warm themselves by wearing thick pants and jackets so as not to catch cold. Do not think to bear with the cold weather otherwise it will affect brides¡¯ body health. On the other hand, they should also prepare the suitable Special Occasion Dresses for winter environment.

At the eve of the wedding photography, new bride should try to avoid staying up late, drinking or drink a lot of water after eight O¡¯clock. Strictly obeying these rules could help each bride totally avoid dark circles and eye congestion phenomenon which will affect the photo taking effect.

Furthermore, if brides have the thought that they need to use their memorable special items or pets as props in the process of wedding photo taking, they need to have advance communication about this thing. On the other hand, it is recommended not to bring too many valuables thing which could help to avoid loss or damage.

At last, each new bride need to know that close cooperation and pleasure mood should be the crucial foundation of wedding photos taking. If people want to choose the best special occasion dresses, please see website

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