Jackson, MI - "Nothing is so good that it can't be made better." That is the premise on which Beverly Hanna, CEO of Hanna Ibes, Inc. announces the breakthrough for her patented Flexaway System of Facial Exercise (www.flexawaysystem.com), making it nearly 80% more effective than its predecessor..

"Until the new thermo-plastic elastomer, Monprene, became available to us, the amount of resistance a user could tolerate in the the corners of the mouth, where the tissue is extremely sensitive, was limited to a fraction of what the new design offers in terms of total comfort and effectiveness. Without feeling the slightest discomfort, users can now get a much greater amount of stretch and stress as in the past.

At this time of year, when many are renewing their vows to "get in shape," the timing is right to start their new weight-loss regimes with the Flexaway Facial Exerciser so that they will have an added reason to stick with the diet. "What better incentive could there be than seeing yourself becoming more and more attractive each day instead of looking emaciated from losing facial fat. The facial fat will be replaced with facial muscle in all the right places for a better-looking you."

For those who wish to avail themselves of the new Flexaway "Ideal Bands" as well as the "neoprene gel cushions," they can order them online from the Flexaway System website, www.flexawaysystem.com.

With the new ideal strength, non-latex bands, Ms. Hanna claims that the most dramatic improvement, besides the length of time it takes to see results, is that it actually diminishes the marionette lines (the deep lines running downward from corners of mouth) that until now have resisted all methods of exercise as well as plastic surgery. Not only does the new technique reduce or even totally remove these lines. In less than two weeks you can see these lines disappearing.