Pensacola, FL - May 18, 2016 — The newest pick set of unlocking lock has been launched with an easy-to-follow guide with diagram that helps purchaser through the process. Padlock functions can be explored and lock picking skills can be enhanced with the set. The package includes extractors, keys, padlock, tension wrenches and a durable, zippered case.

The product is a must have for enhancing skills from being a beginner to intermediate level and eventually to an expert level. The professional style picking kit comes with all tools and gears needed to learn. This could be a perfect brain teaser and will certainly bring lots of fun.

Lock picking is the art of unlocking a lock without using the original key but by just manipulating the components of the lock device. Although lock picking can be linked with criminal act, it is a necessary skill for the legal practice, and is also trailed by law-abiding citizens as an essential skill to learn, or simply as a hobby. While the process is simple and can be mastered with practice, picking a lock requires a great deal of patience. As such, the product offers a more fun way of overcoming the challenge. From the very basics up to the different details about locks and its functionalities, they can easily be learned and mastered.  Purchasing the product gives a lifetime guarantee which assures the purchaser that the expected outcomes can really be achieved.

In addition, the set comes with not only an ordinary practice padlock but a transparent one which allows user to see all the moving parts and how it works. The product is specially designed to give the most of learning experience from transitioning to the next level. It offers a more methodical way of lock picking, not just by merely paying attention to faint clicks and feeling the resistance, but also by strategic and consistent technique of doing so.
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