"Obama, the Jackie Robinson President," is an exciting new book written by teacher, song composer, singer, and author Frank Palacio, a Los Angeles, CA resident. His work can be seen at www.facebookeducation.net.

I have done a great deal of self-examination of some of the events in my own life to find some similarities and differences with Obama that caused me to admire and respect him so. What is it about this man that resonates in me and tens of millions of others from all walks of life, be they: blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians and just about every other race and ethnicity, not only here in the US, but the world over?

I have spent countless hours watching TV coverage and reading newspaper articles about Obama as a candidate and as a president. Obama wrote “The Audacity of Hope!” Wow, then he goes on to show us and the world that his hopes and dreams can come true. He epitomizes his campaign slogan “Yes we can!”

President Barack Hussein Obama has blazed into the history books with his brilliant mind and smile, charm, personality and good looks, like a meteor, as the first African American to hold the office of commander in chief or the President of the United States of America. Because he is as good at being president as Jackie Robinson was at baseball, Obama was reelected, one of only fourteen presidents two be elected twice! For this reason, he is the Jackie Robinson president!

"Obama, the Jackie Robinson President" is available for sale at www.amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles, and www.Lulu.com.