09, July 2015: The definitive guide to A Healthier Workplace In Singapore is all set to be launched. The book is about guiding people on ‘How to Transform Your Business by Creating Healthier and Happier Employees”. 

Speaking to the media, Abdul Hadi said, "Yes, we are geared up to launch our exclusive guide ‘A Healthier Workplace In Singapore’, very soon. The book includes a number of useful tips and information on getting a better environment in the office and workplace. As humans, we work according to our habits. Usually we get up, get ready for the day, dress for success and head off to our work for our living. It needs lots of hard work, intelligence and sacrifice to earn a living in Singapore. Our new book is specially intended to guide individuals on the same.” He further added, "We have written this guide with an aim to improve the working environment in offices and the workplace at large. We are giving important descriptions about the health and wellness program for employees and knowing each individual advantage of an efficient health and wellness program can assist you better recognize some of the precise ideas that we will be discussing in various chapters in this book.” 

The guide starts with an introductory topic on why workplace Health and Wellness is so important? The chapters include The Work Life Balance, Wellness 101: Maintaining a Healthy Body at Work, Maintaining Healthy Fitness Levels at Work, Workplace Ergonomics, The Importance of Proper Nutrition, Keeping a Healthy Mind at Work, Stress in the Workplace, Anger at Work, Emotional Intelligence, The Happiness in the Workplace is the Key to Productivity and How to Plan a Successful Health and Wellness Program at Your Work. 

The book illustrates about the workplace health and wellness programs that include nutritional classes, health screenings, stress management program, cooking demonstrations, seminars, exercise classes and other effective tools and resources for staff to obtain advantages. A number of firms and organizations in Singapore are now using and making the most of these health programs to help people like A1 from having breakdown. This reason behind these efforts is ‘healthy employees tend to be happier and more productive.’ 

Healthy employees at the workplace can help a company get lots of benefits including better employee retention, less absence of employees for sick days, reduced hectic work environment, lesser organizational health care costs and more. The program helps employees to get better understanding of personal health and wellbeing, reduced chances of injury, increased work satisfaction, enhanced productivity, better motivation of personal care and better workplace with less hectic environment. 

‘A Healthier Workplace In Singapore’ also guides reader on starting this program, most suitable program to be included in an employee’s health program and other essential details on the same. It assists employees to make perfect work life balance. 

Overall the book helps readers to understand the importance of health and as a business owner or leader in the organization there is nothing as important as keeping the staff in good health. 

About A Healthier Workplace In Singapore: 

A Healthier Workplace In Singapore is an exclusive book that will be launching very soon. Written by Abdul Hadi B Kamarolzaman and Hamida Bahashwan, this guide enlightens readers with information on ‘How to Transform Your Business by Creating Healthier and Happier Employees”.