Programarketer launches one of the very first blogs dedicated to programmatic marketing. The goal of it’s founder, Victor Lopez, is to simplify the concepts of programmatic. By doing so he hopes to encourage advertisers to embrace this latest strategy in online marketing.

Digital marketing veteran, Victor Lopez, today launched his programmatic marketing blog( The aim of the blog is to teach how programmatic works. Many inside and outside of the industry are still confused about what programmatic means, this problem is the one that Victor plans to tackle.

“I’m really excited to be writing about programmatic. My goal is to explain it in a way that people understand and by doing so will come to embrace it. For my readers, I plan on using real world examples with everyday language that will take the mystery out of programmatic,”said Lopez.

The how-to blog will include lists, graphs, and explanations using simple to understand analogies. Sample campaigns, strategies, and plans will also be made available.

“In everyday programmatic, people talk about audiences, optimizations, and algorithms. Few people starting out understand what a lot of these terms are,” said Lopez. “But if I told you that programmatic is similar to the options used for renting an apartment, then these concepts become clear and understandable.”

Don’t expect a lot of fluff on the blog either. Programarketer will focus on the real nuts and bolts of programmatic. The key audience of programarketer is two part: first and foremost, it is aimed at those people just starting out in programmatic and having a difficult time understanding the concepts, and second, the other demographic is for executives and management who need to understand and often explain in simple terms what programmatic means.

In the end, if your brand or agency has a vested interest in growing sales or reach online and you are trying to understand how programmatic can fit into your overall digital strategy then this blog is for you.

Ironically, the blog will contain no advertising. Victor doesn’t want to take away from the message of the blog. Lopez explains “other sites and media talk about programmatic, programarketer will actually show you how to use it.”

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