Los Angeles, California, December 12, 2016 — “There are three things in Los Angeles you should never turn your back on: a brushfire, an angry cop, and a politician with something to hide. The fire will take everything you own, the cop will club you senseless, but the politician will burn you out, beat you down, and then really go to work on you.” ~ Jack Strayhorn, vampire private investigator in Thomas M. Hewlett’s new best-selling novel, One Death at a Time ~ Twelve Stakes: Book 1.

One Death at a Time is a tale of Jack Strayhorn, a corrupt cop who was killed and turned vampire in 1948, now “living” to right wrongs as penance for crimes he committed when he was alive.

In 2010, Jack is now residing in his old stomping grounds, Los Angeles. He is a private investigator who has one simple mission: Catch the bad guys and try not to kill any innocent people along the way. He is one vampire who is trying to stay on the wagon... from what? Blood, of course! With the help of the true Alcoholics Anonymous, which had been created by and for vampires, he is able to resist the ever present blood lust to kill.

Hewlett weaves an entertaining and suspenseful noir fantasy of Los Angeles’ underworld of the supernatural, secret vampire societies, outlaw biker werewolves, drug-dealing Fae, and magic-addicted witches.

Thomas M. Hewlett grew up in Los Angeles and was raised on a steady diet of science fiction, fantasy, and all things mythic or paranormal. While he knew he wanted to be a writer at the age of twelve, after college he strayed from the path and into drugs and alcohol addiction. He spent many years working odd jobs and scribbling half-finished stories.

Finally, in 2011 he hit rock bottom and ended in up in a rehab facility. It was there, at his lowest point that he rediscovered the power of writing and found the idea for his first novel, One Death at a Time, when a good friend suggested he write a story about “vampires in AA”. With the encouragement and support of his loving wife, he decided to combine his experiences of addiction/recovery with his love of modern fantasy and noir mystery.

Writing the “Twelve Stakes” series saved Thomas’ life and became his way of telling a new story about himself. It’s his hope that other lost souls will find through his work a community of readers and the inspiration to re-imagine their lives.

Thomas M. Hewlett is available for interviews.

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