LOS ANGELES,  CA, March 16, 2016 — In the new bestseller, DOG OF GOD: THE NOVEL a wild romp through Magical Worlds, two dolphin lovers, Zeeep and Eeeoo—vowing to be together forever—lose their lives in a poacher’s snare, they learn their next lives will be on land on opposite ends of the earth. Though
It seems the two will never be together, magic and a higher destiny bring the two together again proving that true love spans lifetimes and over comes all obstacles.

In this crossover novel, the reader is led on adventures with Xico, a special dog in Brazil dog, through mystical travels through other dimensions, as he learns the world of healing.

Cher Slater-Barlevi, MA is an artist, author and spiritual counselor with a passion for lifting consciousness on this planet. Her background in the arts began as a graduate of Art Center College of Design holding a BA, cum laude, in Illustration. She’s illustrated award-winning children’s books, tabletop books, magazine editorials and education books. Her own children's books she wrote and illustrated can be found under the name of 'Gramma Nanna Banana.'

As a result of a near death experience, Cher’s intuition became activated and her life changed dramatically. She used her gifts to provide guidance through spiritual readings, “SOUL” paintings, and consultations for people as well as their pets.

After earning her Master Degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, she has enjoyed teaching the value of play, through her signature “The Kid Within®” seminar and healing retreats. As a screenwriter for 12 years, she has focused her writing on healing. and is now knee deep into her 2nd novel, which is a memoir of finding love in divorce, expected to be released by the end of the year.

Cher Slater-Barlevi is available for interviews.

DOG OF GOD: THE NOVEL ~ a wild romp through Magical Worlds is available on Amazon.com.
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