DALLAS, TEXAS, March 20, 2017 — Kyle L.B. Morey’s bestseller, Ask God: My 30-Day Experiment with Prayer and Its Potential to Answer Yours, is a rare book that evokes experience and inspiration.

Kyle set out to do something unusual and he succeeded. He wanted to write a book that would speak and serve each of his readers.  In writing this book, Kyle set out to write for 30 days what he believed God was telling him to tell his readers. He wanted to be an agent for God, not an authority on God.

The result is a sincere revelation of spiritual reality as Kyle knows and lives it. While deeply devotional in nature, Kyle’s book is conversational, often funny, as well as methodical — almost scientific — in its approach to the reader’s self-awakening to the loving presence of Christ. It offers easy-to-follow steps to awareness that readers can apply in their own lives.

Kyle L.B. Morey says, “The primary principle of this 30-day experiment and book is this: God is with you especially during trying times, and especially when you are trying.”

Kyle L.B. Morey is a man who not only talks his talk but walks his talk! Simultaneous with his full-time work (Chief Executive Officer and Chief Enthusiasm Officer at Madison County, Indiana Chamber of Commerce), Kyle is a volunteer ordained minister in his church and he traditionally dedicates at least twenty hours a week in service.

Kyle, his wife, Denielle, and five wonderful children are on a three-year mission/adventure as wandering world schoolers, homeless house sitters, and venturesome volunteers. Another exercise in faith, they ask God where to dwell temporarily, then they roll up their sleeves to work, serve, speak at meetings/gatherings, and, of course, present Kyle’s books.

Kyle L.B. Morey is available for interviews.

Ask God: My 30-Day Experiment with Prayer and Its Potential to Answer Yours is available on Amazon.com
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