Only a short time after the official launch of their newest product, Family First Enterprise’s Bamboo Nursing Pads have proven to be quite the hit with Amazon customers. Enjoying higher than expected sales, the company has not only brought a winning product to the market, but they have put their name in the spotlight for all to see.

Family First Enterprises is a company known to offer high quality baby products to new parents seeking solutions that allow them to bring their new child into their active lifestyle. From baby carriers to innovative scarves and breastfeeding covers, the company has enjoyed success on every turn, but none as much as the success they have attained with their newest product, the Bamboo Nursing Pads. Though still during the launch phase, this new product has driven sales for the company to new highs.

“Our new Bamboo Nursing Pads have far exceeded our expectations when it comes to sales,” claims Mark Holden, a financial officer for Family First. “We set our goals based on previous launches, but I think our design department must have found a real winner here because we’ve already knocked our expectations out.”

So what is the winning combination? A new four layer design. A quick talk with the design team showed the basics of the newest product. An inner layer of bamboo that is super soft helps to protect tender and chaffed nipples, while an internal layer of microfiber with a water resistant guard works hard to store away liquid so that the pad doesn’t get soggy. Finally, an outer layer that is waterproof prevents embarrassing leaks, and because of the unique circular shape, the nursing pad doesn’t shift around either, a problem Family First customers are already confirming doesn’t exist with these Bamboo Nursing Pads.

“It’s not every day that a company comes up with something as groundbreaking as this,” explains Holden. “We’re already reworking our projections, but from the initial surge of popularity, I am certain that we will see higher than expected sales throughout the launch and even after.”

To celebrate the launch, the company is offering one pair or four pair packs on Amazon and directly from their website.

About Family First Enterprises: Staying active after having a child can be difficult, which is why Family First Enterprises works hard to bring products to the market that allow new parents to be active while putting their new family first. From carriers to nursing pads, the Family First product line encompasses high quality products developed by a small, family owned company, using real world experience and care.

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