New mothers have a new ally today, as Family First Enterprises launches their newest product, Bamboo Nursing Pads in single pair or four pair packs. Known for comfort and superior leak protection, these nursing pads offer the best of all worlds when new moms need it the most.

There’s a lot going on in the world of a new mother, so it’s no surprise that things can get overwhelming fast. Often, new moms stay in, or at least avoid heading out when they can help it, even if they really want to return to an active lifestyle. In the past, this has been the price of putting family first, but thanks to Family First Enterprises, that is no longer the case. Their newest product is allowing mothers all over the world to experience the freedom of taking baby and incorporating the new bundle of joy into an already excitingly active life.

“By getting up and out, new moms are not only maintaining the connections and activities that they were a part of before their new child arrives, but in doing so, are combating the negative sides of pregnancy,” explains Nicole Mercer of the Family First design team. “Postpartum depression and the isolation that can come with the arrival of a new child are real problems. It’s our goal to help fight back with tools that allow new moms to return to their lives, with baby there too.”

How is Family First Enterprises doing that? The company offers various products that allow new parents to integrate a new baby into many different activities. Their newest product, Bamboo Nursing Pads, offer the freedom to move about without pain or possible embarrassment. A super soft inner layer prevents the pain of harsh materials rubbing against sore nipples, while a super absorbent middle layer, combined with a leak proof outer layer, prevent potential embarrassment due to leaks.

“We have tried to think of everything, using feedback from a variety of sources,” says Mercer. “From the materials we chose to use, to the fact that they are reusable, we have done everything we could to make this the perfect new mom product.”

And if the Family First Enterprises launch sales for this product are to tell the tale, the company has really hit a homerun with this new product. With higher than expected sales, the celebration will continue as the company offers single pair and four pair packs on Amazon and their website.

About Family First Enterprises: A family owned and operated company, Family First Enterprises strives to make life a little bit easier when a new baby is added to the mix. With products that enable new parents to continue to live an active lifestyle, it is easy to put family first and maintain the active lifestyle that came before.

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