August 8, 2016, San Francisco, CA, United States—iCampusList is the latest IOS app that has been launched and has created quite a lot of buzz. This app mainly targets college students and helps them in both buying and selling stuff on their campus. Owing it to easy transactions, students can have a great college life. They can sell and even buy furniture, housing amenities, textbooks and more. Not only this, the app also offers $15 credit for everyone who signs up for the app and $2 for those who post a listing.

There are various features and this app has the capacity to offer verified users on the app through the verification of bank accounts and social media sites. There is also a rating system in place which comes in handy for finding out the best deals. These measures are mainly implemented to eliminate fraud committed to all users.
Up till now, most people tend to opt for Craigslist. However, with the growing number of scams it makes it harder for people to trust the site. This is the reason why the need was felt for some kind of an app that could solve these problems. With this app, it is so much more convenient and simple for individuals to find the right deals.

The main idea behind iCampusList is to have a safe mobile marketplace, which can be easily trusted, and the selling and buying of goods can be conducted without any hassles. There are some plans which would be implemented to add even more features to the app.

The plans for future scope and development include the ideas for connecting local users and even college students. There will be an option for gathering information based on different discounts and coupons, which will help in saving money too. Further, there will be an option to expand the reach to as many as 1000 universities. Along with it, there are also plans for offering 100 internship positions as well which will aid in professional training.

Ray, the CEO of the company, was quoted as saying, “We are really excited about the whole app and I know that the company has worked hard to come up with an effective app which would truly serve the need in a befitting manner.”

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About iCampusList
The company was founded back in November 2015 at Silicon Valley. They have more than 10 team members and offer various internship positions as well. They have been backed by Royse law firm and several angel investors, and work closely with Silicon Valley bank.

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Address: 440 Wolfe Rd, Sunny Vale, CA, 94085