#1 Ranked Motivational Author Shawn Anderson: “It’s never too late to leave behind a life that is disappointing and start living a life that is inspiring.”

Los Angeles, CA, January 18, 2017 -- As the early weeks of 2017 disappear, top-ranked motivational author Shawn Anderson is determined to encourage people to not let early failures prevent them from going after 2017 goals.

“January 1st is just one day out of 365. It has no more or less magical power than any other day in pushing us to quit living the lives we don’t like,” Anderson shares. “It’s not the day that makes the difference; it’s us finally taking our lives seriously enough that we decide to quit being disappointed and frustrated and start being powerful and purposeful.”

The author of six books including a former #1 ebook, A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over, Anderson has interviewed hundreds of people who have re-defined their lives because they either chose to or had to. He reveals three gut-check tips for people to consider as they leave behind the life they find disappointing and start living a life that is inspiring.

First, Anderson says, “Make the decision to absolutely quit living a life that you don’t like. If your life sucks in any area, change it. If you truly want better for your life, don’t you think 2017 is the time to get off your butt and tell yourself ‘enough is enough’? If you don’t do it now, will you ever?”

Second, Anderson shares, “It’s time to stop letting fear dominate your life. If you’re afraid of taking risks, then 2017 will look the same as 2016. Fear is our arch-enemy whose intention is to take everything great from our lives. Quit thinking about you how might feel if you try and don’t succeed. Instead, start thinking about how you’ll feel if you have to keep living what you are living for the rest of your life.”

Finally, Anderson concludes, “Everyday is January 1st. If you have an awesome goal, expect to have a hundred days during the year where you don’t succeed. If you fail once…twice…or ten times in pursuing your goal, get over it. Tomorrow is always the first day of the rest of your life, and it holds the opportunity to get on track again. The first day of a New Year isn’t the magical impetus that creates change; that magic lies within us…on any day of the year.”

Anderson is also the creator of Extra Mile Day - a day recognizing the capacity we each have to create positive change when we go the extra mile. On November 1, 2016, 559 mayors and cities made the unique declaration and recognized those in their local communities who were going the extra mile in volunteerism and service.

Shawn Anderson
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