18 August, 2014: New sports armband company NeoSleeve has today announced the launch of their new Facebook fan page. With the introduction of the new page, the company hopes to have a social media base where fans of their products can gather. 

The NeoSleeve Facebook page can be found here https://www.facebook.com/neosleeve 

The Facebook page is already growing as fans are flocking to the page’s “Like” button. The company projects that, with well-timed and targeted advertisements, they will be able to quickly grow their fan base and extend their reach. By using Facebook as a marketing platform, NeoSleeve will be able to easily and affordably seek out otherwise untapped areas of the market. 

The new company is soon to launch its first product; the NeoSleeve sports armband for Apple’s iPhone 5, 5s, 5c and the 5th generation model of the iPod Touch. It is expected that the revolutionary design of NeoSleeve’s debut product will set a new benchmark for competitors. 

NeoSleeve also plans to use the page to announce coming events, promotions, new products and special offers. Michelle Davis from NeoSleeve’s sales team made the announcement of the page’s creation, also stating that the company has plans to create a Twitter account in the future, once they find momentum in their market. It is uncertain whether the company plans to create any other social media platforms for its fans, such as Google+ or MySpace. Ms. Davis has asserted that, for now, a Facebook page is the ideal first foray for the company into the realm of social media.