Kaohsiung, Taiwan — NBK Bearings, headquartered in Taiwan, today announced that they have developed new deep groove ball bearings for their industry consumers. According to the company release, these deep groove ball bearing series are highly dust resistant and which significantly increases their usage in a variety of applications. The dust protection seal makes these ball bearings more powerful and establishes NBK Bearings as the leading manufacturer of high-quality ball bearings on the global scale.

Today, low-torque and dust resistant ball bearings are in great demand for making appliances like air ventilation systems and fans, and NBK’s 6000 series bearings are perfect for this industrial purpose. The company maintains that the new series of deep groove bearings has been designed and developed to meet the emerging industry demands to create high-quality room ventilation systems.

Speaking about their new 6200 series bearings, the company spokesperson for NBK Bearings reveals, “We have been receiving queries for deep groove bearings for quite a long time from our existing customers. After months of research and development efforts at our R&D center, these new bearings have been given shape. Now, we are receiving wide appreciations from our existing customers and also getting overwhelming response from potential customers from all across the globe.”

In a company presentation, it has been maintained that a wide emphasis has been given on 6300 series bearings to make them more environmentally sensitive and meet the modern industry demands with a greater energy conservation feature. On the other hand, their 6700 series bearings have been recognized for almost nil noise creation and ultimate dust protection.

NBK Bearings has already shipped their new ball bearings, including 6800 series bearings and 6900 series bearings, to their worldwide customers and new products have been appreciated for their supreme features and durability. Now, the company is supposed to play a more important role in the production of noise-free, dust-proof and environmentally-sensitive applications that will help the mankind in conserving energy. To get a glimpse of their new product line, one may visit their website http://www.nbkbearings.com/

About NBK Bearings

NBK Bearings is originally known as Chuang Hon Yi Axle Co., Ltd.which is a Taiwan based company. The company was established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1989 and today, it is one of the leading bearing companies in Taiwan. The company produces high performance NBK bearings and enjoys tremendous goodwill and reputation among its worldwide customers for producing a wide range of deep groove ball bearings.

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