A leading Dutch piercing retailer has launched an exciting new product within its e-commerce venture. The navelpiercings are set to spark a massive trend with those that love to show their individuality in the form of piercings. The exciting new launch is set to spark frenzy in those that love to show off their navelpiercings. But, the new and inventive designs are set to shake up the piercings industry in a way that has not been anticipated.

Navelpiercing Online has a wealth of experience in their trade. As such, they have created a high profile and in-demand e-commerce venture that other body jewellery retailers have not seen. The well-designed shop, a wealth of consumer information and on hand specialist expertise has seen the incredible and meteoric rise of the Dutch brand.

The website is laid out with the customer in mind. With the launch of the exciting new piercing range, they have the customer at the heart of their product. Each amazing piece of jewellery can be found with ease and with a simple click of a button. The user experience is part of the ethos of the brand. Not only this, the company strives for excellence when it comes to customer service. With worldwide delivery, over seven days per week, this customer focus has lead to the company seeing unprecedented growth of late. They strive to ensure quality, every time. Little wonder that Navel Piercing Online has become the globally recognised brand that it is today.

Navel Piercing Online have become Europe’s specialists on all things related to the world of piercings and navel jewellery. Their unique range has been showcased all over Western Europe. What’s more, it has seen the rise in navel piercings becoming more prominent in Europe. When it comes to finding the right standard of body jewellery Navel Piercing Online are on the case. They are all too aware of the high standards that are expected from them. As such, the demand for their high-quality jewellery has reached fever pitch. The new arrivals have been warmly received from body modifications fans all around the world

The launch and presentation of the new arrivals is set to see the company go from strength to strength. Coupling ingenious and innovative design is their forte. All of this and with exceptional customer service, the brand is sure to prosper and thrive within the world e-commerce.

If you want to learn more about Navelpiercing Online and what exciting opportunities and launches that they have coming up, contact them immediately.

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