Fairy tales are stories that have had an important influence on the childhood of children from all around the world, mostly thanks to the wonderful ideas that are presented and the illustrations, which can easily initiate any child into the world of reading.

An unfortunate fact at this moment in time refers to the idea that many children don’t really read fairy tales anymore, and this can have a bad effect on their imagination. An interesting datum that not many are aware of anymore is that children are very interested when it comes down to learning more about the world surrounding them. Not only does nature represent a lake of knowledge, but learning about it and the environment around us can also be entertaining at the same time. This is why fairy tales related to nature have had so much success across the years, as they can both educate a child, thus granting him/her more information about the world surrounding them, but it can also enrich their imagination and keep them entertained while reading.

It is important to acknowledge the fact that a couple of years back, the number of children reading from a young age was significantly higher. Now, that there are a great number of distractions such as video games and computers, many fail to become good readers. In turn, this means that they will lack enough imagination and that their vocabulary will also not be as developed as it would’ve been with more reading. In this fast-paced world, where children are usually very distracted, it is important for someone to come up with an idea that will influence children to read more, and leave the other distractions away for a bit.

This is why Thuy Trinh Nguyen, a mom and a writer has decided to go ahead and work hard in order to create a book which includes a good number of different nature-related fairy tales. As children are interested in the environment and would like to learn more about how everything works, the author believes that the book will be a success. Kids are usually open, just like a sponge, which is something that will allow them to accept the new information conveyed in the book, thus keep on learning.

With these factors in mind, Nature Tales represents a 22,000 words fairy tale book that includes 18 short fairy tales and fables, all of which are related to nature and have deep meanings, together with moral lessons that children can use later in life when the time is right. Most of these tales come from different cultures and from various regions from all around the world, and have been passed down through generations, to finally be put on this book. Some of the stories that will be featured include ‘The Rose’, ‘The Poppy’, ‘The Raven’, ‘The Rice Seed’ and many more.

The author is also aware of the fact that illustrations are incredibly important in fairy tale books, as they have an important role when it comes down to keeping a child interested. With this in mind, there will be a total of 18 drawings, one for each story, made by a group of talented artists from Vietnam. In terms of its aspect, there will be two models of the same book- one will have a nice cover and a golden seal, whereas the other one will have a cloth dust jacket, tied by a golden seal.

By keeping everything that has been outlined so far in mind, the book is basically a work of art, but also a source of entertainment, information and moral lessons for children from all around the world. Anyone reading will not only find out more about the world that they live in, but they will also have significantly higher levels of imagination.

In order to make this book a reality, the author does need some funding, so anyone that is interested in helping out can go ahead and check out the Kickstarter project for Nature Tales, right here(https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/78512552/nature-tales). By pledging a certain amount, those who have decided to help will also get some great benefits, most of which are only offered until the end of the fundraising campaign.