18, March 2016: Over 175,000 people have actually now downloaded Andy Shaw's breakthrough personal growth series, which assures to 'cure the mind of stress and anxieties'.

Highly acclaimed personal growth expert, Andy Shaw, has actually announced his popular mind-mending insight stems not from the actual material of the course itself, but really from the inner spirit of its users.

Andy Shaw's brand new 'Life Breakthrough Kit' is now offered to download, guaranteeing to not only treat the mind of stress, tension and anxiety, but additionally to unleash and stimulate hidden powers of the mind. Speaking at a recent press conference, Shaw himself specified: "No previous personal development experience is necessary. Everything in this kit, including our world-famous No-Mind Exercise, the 6 Essential Rules to Life Design, Ways to Make Yourself Happy Anytime, and extraordinary insights into altering your thought patterns. Since its preliminary release, this kit has actually been accessed by over 175,000 individuals from practically every country worldwide. It is among our most popular introductions to the world of Saltori Structured Thinking - as well as one of the easiest ways to begin."

Shaw continued to keep in mind that of the hundreds of e-mails he gets each day, half of them normally highlight the fact that users of the Saltori method of thinking had no idea they had the potential to feel as enlightened as they do now. He included: "Individuals do not realize the power of the mind, until they begin to flex it when they use this system. The brain is like a muscle, and to keep it fit, you have to work it hard and work it daily. Just by following a few easy steps, you not only become more favorable, however you start to notice things around you that you were too distracted to see in the past."

Shaw's unique personal growth method takes the user through 4 clearly defined stages in order to bring organization and tranquillity to their lives. Starting by learning to silence the mind in order to focus on the positive elements of the life around them, users are taken through a journey to achieve ultimate calmness and happiness, transforming their way of life permanently. "The saltori method of thinking is not simply a quick-fix for all your problems," Shaw continued, "it is a lifestyle that you will carry through forever."

Users can sign up for free on Shaw's site at www.saltori.com, which hosts routinely released complimentary materials, including 5 written chapters of "A Bug Free Mind", audio segments and coaching videos that work together with the Saltori system of thinking.

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