Frank Ellis reveals helpful tips for first time tax filers, on National Tax Reports, so they know what to do when it is time to file, and how to use TurboTax software.

August 7, 2016 — A new article published on the National Tax Reports website, penned by tax preparation planner and author Frank Ellis, explains tax tips to first time filers. With TurboTax, he says, one does not have to know the IRS tax code, or use an accountant or personal assistant. The software will input basic information, but the most important thing - first timers need to be organized and keep their tax documents in one place.

Ellis mentions many of the documents that need to be mailed to the IRS by January 31st. Filers should also be aware of the deductions and credit amounts they may be eligible for. The article says this is critical to saving money in taxes, and to prevent overpaying. Some of these are listed. Tax filers can deduct student loan interest, child and dependent care expenses, earned income, moving and travel expenses, and charitable contributions.

In addition to listing the various ways one could save in taxes, Frank Ellis also discloses helpful insights about using TurboTax calculator and software. The tool makes filing more accurate. Tax payers can even file for free through the Absolute Zero program, which is explained in more detail in the article. It helps tax filers find the right information and offers access to additional resources on the web to help report income and find the right tax deductions for a bigger tax refund.

More facts about TurboTax are provided at the conclusion of the article, including a link to the software. To learn more about tax filing information that first time tax filers can take advantage of, go to

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