Dover, DE - Nov. 25, 2015 — Naressa spokesperson, Natasha Edwards, announced the launch of the company’s new callus remover exclusively on  The product’s sleek and modernistic design makes it easy to grip for reaching even the most difficult locations.

“Rough, cracked feet are no fun at any time, but during the holiday season they can be a particular concern as people attend parties and family gatherings,” said Edwards. “Our callus remover ensures you’ll have the soft, smooth, beautiful feet needed to show off sexy, strappy shoe styles.”

Ergonomically designed, the Naressa callus remover is far safer than metal scrapers that can cut and damage feet and more effective than pumice stones that only remove superficial imperfections. Naressa uses pressure lock technology to protect from accidental damage to skin from excessive pressure, a featured that’s particularly important for individuals experiencing loss of sensation and neuropathy.

The Naressa callus remover utilizes roller heads that spin at 30 revolutions per second for maximum smoothing. The callus remover is easy to clean, water resistant and features replaceable roller heads. It comes boxed and complete with one coarse roller, an additional coarse roller head, and cleaning brush.

Removing calluses and imperfections is more than a cosmetic or aesthetic concern. For many individuals, maintaining smooth feet is a matter of health and safety, particularly for those with conditions that include diabetes. The Naressa callus remover gently removes calluses, buffs and smooths without dangerous blades and grinding surfaces that can damage feet and allow bacteria to enter.

Winter heating months are especially hard on feet and often result in rough, dry patches of skin on the heels that can quickly turn into calluses if left unattended. Heating dries skin, while heavy socks and boots are an effective barrier to adequate circulation and exfoliation. Regular buffing and smoothing is an effective way to prevent build-up that can turn into hard, painful and unsightly calluses.

Fast, fun and effective, the new electronic callus remover by Naressa makes buffing feet a breeze and is available exclusively on Ergonomic and sophisticated design makes the callus remover easy, comfortable and enjoyable to use, enabling anyone to keep their feet soft and smooth year-round.
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