Narayani the perfectionist!

Narayani, while shooting for the Janmashtami special for Beta Hi Chahiye on BIG MAGIC turned out to be a total perfectionist. While the perfectionist left no stone unturned to get things right, she was a hard task master for the crew. Being a trained kathak dancer, Narayani chose the song ‘Kahe Ched Ched Mohe’ from Devdas. She not only learnt the steps quickly but was the fastest to wrap up the shoot.

But what was perplexing is that she started instructing the dance coach on steps and expressed complete disappointment on the outfits chosen by the production team. The crew always had to be on time or before time to rehearse with her and the stylist was told that she would wear the outfit only when the necessary changes were made.

The crew certainly heaved a sigh of relief once the shoot was successfully completed!


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