March mud, April showers and May muck are all potentially corrosive hazards for bikes. Whether you have an expensive bike or just a well-loved favourite, check out this advice from Nano Protech. As manufacturers of a highly effective corrosion protective bike spray hailing from Russia, these bike owners know all about weather related bicycle maintenance .

The spring weather throws all manner of challenges to bike riders. Roads can become more slippery, mud guards get battered to the max and the frame and working parts of the bike are under constant threat from the elements.

Experts in Russia are well experienced with harsh weather and have created the Nano Protech Cycle — a bicycle protection spray that will guard metal, moving parts and mechanisms against mud, water and dirt so that your bike cannot be compromised by weather conditions or corrosion.

Nano Protech advise bike owners across the UK to:

- Keep your bike clean. Dirt adhesion can be avoided by washing your bike, and then giving it a spray with a good bike protection spray . Be sure to avoid brake areas when using these types of spray as they contain oil. Keep the chain well-oiled with a specialist bike chain oil.
- Remember that clumps of mud or salt from the roads will promote rust and corrosion.
- Keep tyres inflated at the right level. You’ll avoid punctures. Be sure to use a good track pump and check the tyres for the right PSI.
- Give your brakes a check. They should neither be squeaky nor too loose. If they are either, they need maintenance. If you don’t know how to do this yourself, check the internet or your local bike shop.
- Check your chain. Clean it first, and then treat it with a good chain oil to keep it flowing as you travel.

If you are not sure which bike spray to use, remember that the best ones contain a high oil content. This means that they are ideal as an after-wash corrosion inhibitor. Moisture is driven out and your bike will have a non-sticky protective layer left on it. The chain, frame, paintwork and moving parts will all be under its highly protective guard against damage.

Future maintenance time is also reduced as it’s kept in good condition with les friction and wear. The spray means that it will reach areas that are harder to get to — the parts where the seizures are most likely to occur.

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