UNITED STATES; February 26, 2016 — NOS Team [www.options-trading-system.com], one of the leading providers of naked options trading system, today announced that the Naked Options Trading System reported 32% on the QQQ Uncovered options signals and 26% on the SPY Uncovered Options using the conservative options trading in 2015.

Conservative Options Trading began in the 19th century, and can be easily compared to renting a vehicle: The user will be given the opportunity to purchase the vehicle/ stock at the end of the lease term — as opposed to paying the entire premium in the beginning. And when the lease reaches the end of the term, the user will have the chance to purchase the vehicle/ stock, or simply let the lease expire.

NOS developed two different trading systems — QQQ and SPY. Each trading system makes use of different sets of option symbols, in which signals are stated, to give users the chance to choose according to their preference; however both QQQ and SPY trading systems are reliant on volume, volatility, price and advance or decline technical indicators to generate signals.

One of the major factors in choosing a particular system is amount of allocated funds. With $25K, stock trader is advised to use the QQQ trading system. On the other hand, SPY trading system is recommended for those who have $50K allocated fund. However, stock traders may consider both systems if they have at least $100K.
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About Naked Options Trading System (NOS)
NOS is one of the industry’s leading providers of Options Trading System, whether QQQ or SPY trading system. In 2015, they generated the total of 30 signals to sell QQQ and SPY uncovered options contracts, which were closed with profit. This guarantees 100% accuracy in Naked Options Trading System.

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