Minneapolis, Minnesota - In 2003, a group of young men in Australia began the Movember Movement, an effort to draw attention to the problem of prostate cancer and raise money for research and treatment. These men all agreed to grow out their "staches" to the biggest size possible during the month and to compete with each other to raise money. Since then, the "Mo Movement" has grown to more than 3 million participants each year in 21 countries, and raises $147 million annually.

In support of this great cause, Nada Worry, located on the web at www.nadaworry.com , is organizing a Movember team that spans five college campuses: the University of Minnesota, Duluth; the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; Stout University; University of St. Thomas; and University of Hawaii. Nada Worry collegiate ambassadors will be present on each campus to help sign up participants to raise money for cancer research and treatment.

The Mo Bros and Mo Sistas program, part of the Movemeber movement, supports the efforts of college students to grow mustaches through the month of November as part of their fundraising efforts. Generous donors pledge money to these men as they grow their mustaches throughout the month, while the girls support their significant others in their efforts.

Fortunately, the Movember movement gives men a chance to show off natures proof of their manliness by growing a "Mo" that their wives and girlfriends cannot argue about. Of course, this assumes that the men can grow enough hair for a respectable "nose neighbor." Contestants compete with each other to see who can create the best "push broom" or "lip sweater," all in the spirit of good fun and team building. Results of the various contests will be announced through social media.

"I wear my Mo year-round and have known that a good stache is a secret source of power, but I am delighted to see that now it can raise money and support an important cause! Movember is definitely my favorite month of the year," says Nada Worry Partner, Adam Meyer.

Nada Worry is offering a limited run of custom Mo lids on their online store, located at www.nadaworry.com . Limited quantities of these lids are available.

For more information on the Movember movement, visit the fundraiser's website at www.movemeber.com . For Nada Worry's specific "Mo Team" page, visit http://us.movember.com/team/1032965

Nada Worry, located on the web at www.nadaworry.com , is asking anyone who is interested to visit the team page and sign up. November is the month to show "Mo" pride and grow that muzzy in support of prostate cancer research.

About Nada Worry:

Nada Worry is a lifestyle that emphasizes living worry-free and supporting others through kindness and community spirit. From coast to coast and across the world, members of the Nada Worry lifestyle are coming together to support worthy causes like the Movember movement.

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