23 December, 2013: Myswissbanking is now helping their clients to Open A Swiss Bank Account easily. Without being a millionaire or visiting Switzerland it is now possible to Open A Swiss Bank Account. It used to be very costly and difficult to open a Anonymous Swiss Account . This has now changed quite substantially since the beginning of the internet age. Clients can now have a Swiss bank account opened by just clicking away in front of their computer. Currently an estimated one-third of all worldwide funds held outside their country of origin (sometimes called “offshore” funds) are kept in Switzerland. Swiss neutrality and national sovereignty, long recognized by foreign nations, have fostered a stable environment in which the banking sector was able to develop and thrive. Around the world peoples wants to open a Personal Swiss Account for maintaining their property’s privacy and safety. Myswissbanking is now offering an easy service to create Swiss bank account. 

They brought some excellent features for their clients. Such as no maintenance fee, no additional fees for opening, Easy opening by mail, deposit checks by mail, strong Swiss banking secrecy, correspondence language in major languages, VISA /Mastercard GOLD credit card, 24 hour full access online banking as well as access to international wire. Swiss bank secrecy protects the privacy of bank clients; the protections afforded under Swiss law are similar to confidentiality protections between doctors and patients or lawyers and their clients. The Swiss government views the right to privacy as a fundamental principle that should be protected by all democratic countries. The Swiss financial center, with banking as the leading sector, is of major international importance and among the global market leaders in many areas. An anonymous personal Swiss bank account is expected at all. 

Myswissbanking offers their services in major international currencies including Australian Dollar, British pound, Canadian Dollar, Danish Krone, Euro, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krone, Swiss Franc, US Dollar, Yen. Official from Myswissbanking says “Under the Switzerland’s constitution the Banks in Switzerland have to keep all information about their clients strictly confidential. The Constitution clearly defines and protects these Secrecy rules. These secrecy laws are the prime reason why people choose to open a Swiss Account to protect their assets. You too can also have a Swiss Account within a few days -all without any hassle and paperwork nightmare”. Clients around the world are now getting their services and help to create a personal anonymous Swiss bank account. Clients from Tokyo, Japan said “The Swiss Account gives me so much freedom and choice in banking. The Multi Currency accounts are real money saving”. Another client from London, UK says “Thank you for helping me open a Swiss account. I got information within hours!” 

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Myswissbanking.com helps their clients around the world to create an easy and hassle free Swiss bank account without visiting Switzerland. Further contact and inquiry can be made at [email protected] and their website is http://myswissbanking.com . Their address is” Biztrackers, 675 Cochrane Drive, 6th Floor, East Tower, Markham, L3R0B8, Canada”. 

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