Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery USA has been one of the longest and most successful dinner theater companies in the country and for the last 23 years their Texas affiliate, run by Robert and Debbie Banks, has been entertaining guests in North Texas. During that time murdermysterytexas has become increasingly popular and profitable, leading to the desire to expand out of the Dallas-Fort Worth Market and into the rest of the state. Murdermysterytexas is pleased to announce the expansion of their services to San Antonio, Austin and Houston.

With murdermysterytexas guests are able to find a wide variety of experiences that all provide a fully engaging live-action experience. For those who want a special night out, the murder mystery dinner is a great way to spend an evening. The event lasts about two to three hours, and the inclusion of dinner makes it a bargain for date night. Guests who want a more immersive experience can opt for the murder mystery weekend. These events are held all throughout the country and include a full slate of activities related to the story from Friday evening through to Sunday brunch. Murder Mystery Texas also offers New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day events with their local hotels and dinner partners, and they can even create a customized scenario for corporate or group events.

Potential guests can register for the experience at . Here they will find the full list of upcoming events and join the mailing list to keep informed about new and exciting features.

With the expansion of their bases of operation Robert and Debbie Banks are set to bring the high quality and affordable prices of the Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery USA brand to all of Texas. As the buzz grows about murdermysterytexas in San Antonio, Austin and Houston, expect to see larger and more engaging events announced.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit and click on the link to your local area or call (888) U-SOLVE-IT.