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Murder Mystery Texas, the critically-acclaimed dinner theater production company based in Dallas, has announced an expansion of its production territory to now include the cities of Austin and Plano. Murder Mystery Texas will offer a variety of different entertainment options from landmark venues in its two new cities.

Murder Mystery Texas produces dinner theater entertainment that includes the combination of a multi-course catered meal with a murder mystery play put on by trained actors. The storyline and tone of the murder mystery play from the award-winning production company has historically featured a mixture of dramatic and comedic elements. One of the primary aspects of the dinner theater performances from Murder Mystery Texas, at each of its locations throughout the state of Texas, is a focus on providing an interactive experience. Throughout the dinner theater performance, in between meal courses, patrons become a part of the storyline as they have conversations with the lead detective, and with each other, as they try to solve the crime.

The flagship location for Murder Mystery Texas is the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It consistently holds its murder mystery dinner theater shows, including on a weekly basis throughout the summer, at the historic Old Mill Inn at the Dallas Fair Park. The company plans to begin offering shows on a similarly regular basis at its new locations in Austin and Plano. Visit for more information.

The murder mystery dinner theater entertainment company also hosts a variety of specialty performances. For example, Murder Mystery Texas often has shows that tailor their themes and content to holidays like New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. The production company also puts on extended shows and weekend-long retreats where murder mystery enthusiasts are able to watch a mystery unfold over the course of a two-night hotel stay.

Private corporate parties can also be arranged through Murder Mystery Texas. The company lists McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz and the American Red Cross as a few of the companies and organizations that have held corporate parties with the company. Most, if not all, of the company’s holiday-themed shows, weekend retreats and private corporate event options will now be available in Austin and Plano.

Awarded “Four out of Four Daggers!” by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Murder Mystery Texas has performed for audiences in the state since 1990. The company, which is the Texas affiliate of Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery USA, Inc., has been operated since its founding by Robert and Debbie Banks. For more information on the company’s performances or for information on how to order tickets, the dinner theater group may be contacted by using the information provided below. They can be followed at

Company: Murder Mystery Texas
Address: 6304 Innsbrooke Drive, Arlington, TX 76016
Phone: 972-263-5178
Email: [email protected]