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MSS Software, a barcode solutions company that provides equipment and rentals for data collection, has published a list of brief case studies describing its work with a variety of different government agencies. MSS is located just outside of Washington DC for the purpose of providing more convenient service to these government clients.

The company introduces its list of government case studies by acknowledging its history of satisfying data collection needs for government clients of all sizes and at all levels of government. “ MSS Software has many government customers from federal, state and local organizations. We commonly develop software and recommend the hardware needed to resolve data collection issues for government agencies,” writes the hardware and software provider.

In its list of government clients and case studies, MSS specifically highlights its experience working with many different federal government agencies. “Our federal government customers,” writes MSS, “include organizations such as CIA, FBI, U.S. Armed Forces, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Senate and many more.” According to the information, MSS’s work with many of these institutions is ongoing and constantly adapting to the ever-changing data collection and barcode technology needs of these major entities.

One client included in the list of case studies is the Veteran’s Administration. MSS summarizes its work providing the VA with a customized software program that syncs with the organization’s barcode readers. This software and hardware allows VA hospitals to more easily track their supplies and assets. Asset-tracking and inventory programs created and sold by MSS Software are currently utilized in all VA hospitals across the nation, improving the efficiency of their operations and the quality of care for their patients.

In addition to the Veteran’s Administration case study, MSS’s listing also summarizes its work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the U.S. Navy and the World Bank. The summaries of work provided for these government clients are available through the barcode solutions company’s website, which is provided in the contact information below. More information can be found at or use this URL

Beyond its work with government agency clients, MSS Software also provides customized barcode technology and data collection solutions for a range of other clients. Large corporations, small businesses and individuals have also sought and received help from MSS to improve the efficiency of their operations. Reviews can be read at,-77.3735386,12z/data=!4m18!1m12!4m11!1m3!2m2!1d-77.3041874!2d38.8555498!1m6!1m2!1s0x89b64b7c64c18f71:0xc6099e0473076c1f!2smss+software+fairfax+va!2m2!1d-77.3034986!2d38.8498223!3m4!1s0x89b64b7c64c18f71:0xc6099e0473076c1f!8m2!3d38.8498223!4d-77.3034986

Founded in 1984, MSS prides itself on its ability to solve any data collection problem with a customized solution or by matching client needs with the right products and services. For more information on its products and services, or for a free consultation regarding specific barcoding needs, MSS Software may be contacted by using the contact information below. They can be followed at

MSS Software
Address: 10394 Democracy Lane, Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 1.800.428.6643
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