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Fairfax, Virginia-based barcode solutions and data equipment and rental company MSS Software has published an account of its work for El Dorado National, the largest volume producer of commercial buses in North America. MSS provides customized software, equipment and solutions that help clients in a diverse set of industries with their data collection, inventory and barcode processes.

El Dorado sought MSS Software’s help in increasing the efficiency of the data tracking aspects of its bus assembly process. The process of assembling a bus involves multiple different stations and assembly lines; as a result, the process of collecting and analyzing data to identify strengths and weaknesses can be complex. Prior to their work with MSS Software , El Dorado tracked how long it took to finish assembling a bus by having their employees manually punch stamps onto time cards as they started and finished a particular task.

El Dorado then relied on other employees to evaluate the time-stamped cards and manually key their information into an Excel database. The bus manufacturer relied on this data to analyze the length of time each part of assembling a bus, such as welding or painting, took relative to the overall process.

Though this manual data entry system allowed El Dorado to track the number of hours employees spent at each assembly line station and how long each bus took to complete, they sought the expertise of MSS Software to help them cut down on their reliance on manual data entry. The manual data entry system was time-consuming and prone to error, which had a significant negative effect on the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

MSS Software’s published account of their work with El Dorado focuses on the solutions they were able to provide for the company. The software company explains that they “developed a cloud-based application for them called Scan-Tracker incorporating barcode technology.” The cloud-based app “makes use of barcode readers to collect and store time records of employees, job stations and buses in an online database.” The software allows users to work with the data by generating and printing daily and weekly reports that revealed how much time was spent by particular employees at particular stations—as well as other relevant information that helped improve efficiency.  Further details on this project can be found at

Since their founding in 1984, MSS Software has provided customized barcode equipment and software, as well as rental equipment and software, to clients all over the country. Their customers have ranged from large government and commercial clients to small businesses and organizations. For more information on the specific ways they have applied their solutions to meet the specific needs of a client, MSS can be contacted by using the contact information provided below.

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