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Dating advice site has published a post on what it means when a guy says he needs more space( The main benefit of this blog post is that it helps women achieve a more balanced relationship with their male partners.

The blog post begins with explanations of the reasons why a man would want more space. These include the fact that he is young, the female partner spends too much time with her man, which can lead to clinginess and doing too much of the little things such as frequently cuddling in front of the television and texting the male partner 24/7.

The post is both humorous and reassuring, highlighting the fact that it is normal for a man wanting more space and that there is nothing sinister behind it. The blog ends with advice on what do, which involves neither giving the male partner too much or too little space. For example, if a woman stays the night 7 days a week, the post advises to cut it down to 3 days a week. This would allow individuals within a relationship to have their own personal life experiences, which would give them something to talk about and in turn improve their relationship when the couple come back together the next day.

Audience response to the post has been positive with many women reporting improvement in their relationships. For example, Ruth Gillespie from New York says, “My boyfriend told me that he’d like to have some space. We had spent a lot of time together and I did have sneaky feeling we were beginning to get on each other’s nerves. Then, I stumbled on this blog post and since following its advice I found that spending time apart can really spice up a relationship!”

About is a dating and relationship advice site aimed at women and written from a male perspective. The site contains many posts on several aspects of dating and relationships from making long distance relationships work through to social media as silent relationship killers.

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