Known for its range of superior quality LED lighting solutions MrPerfect is all set to launch its new range of LED Spots in December 2015, which lasts for over 40% longer.

3rd December 2015 — MrPerfect is aware of the importance of right lighting not just in homes but also in commercial offices to set the right mood and motivation. Therefore, they cater to a vast range of LED lighting options.

Some of the popular LED lighting options that are available at MrPerfect include the classic LED spotlight as well as the LED bulbs. In addition to this they also have LED strips that help add color and life to a home and is the perfect way to host a party. All these LED lighting options also come with a vast range of flexible options and can be purchased in different sizes, brightness options and even colors.

MrPerfect is also set to launch a new form of LED Spot lighting that is known to last over 40% longer, which can help customers save good money. This new LED spot will be launched in December 2015 in Denmark and will be available for purchase in the rest of Scandinavia from January 2016.

Some of the very popular LED lighting options at MrPerfect include This is the ideal lighting solution should a customer desire warmth in their homes. They also have an option between dimmable bulbs and their non — dimmable counterparts.

In addition to this, is another LED bulb that boasts of great composure.

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