Shriram Super Research Wheat — Super 111 helps increase farmers productivity by at least 25% and also increases farmer’s income

Mr. Mukesh Mittal from Village Manpur shares his experience at a Farmer Field Day arranged by Shriram Fertilizer & Chemicals.


Indore, 28th March, 2013: Shriram Fertilizer & Chemicals recently held a farmer field day at Mr. Mukesh Mittal Shriram Super 111 Research Wheat field at Village Manpur, District Indore.

Farmers appreciated the performance of Shriram Super 111 research Wheat as far as plant type, disease tolerance and yields are concerned. Compared to other varieties grown by famers in this area, Super-111 research wheat has more number of tillers per plant (11-13 tillers) and each of the panicle or Baalihas 35-40 grains. This variety has attractive, bold and shining grains.


According toMukesh Mittal who has grown Shriram Super 111, he has got a yield of 28.16 quintals / acre. Further he said that “Shriram Super 111 has given him almost 30% plus yield in comparison to other wheat variety cultivated by him and at the same time the crop has had high resistance to diseases like brown rust which resulted in lower input costs also.”


Shriram Super Research Wheat varieties are developed with strong backing of R&D catering to the specific requirement of farmers in India. The Shriram Fertilizers & Chemicals team worked with farmers through the crop cycle to ensure better effectiveness of the procedures and the resultant yields.


Shriram Fertilizer & Chemicals is planning to organize many moresuch field days especially in the state during the next two weeks in order to showcase the benefit that farmers are deriving from Shriram Super Research Wheat.

Many success stories of Shriram Super Research Wheat have been reported across India.


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