If simplicity and excellence are the two most preferred features searched for by users in media conversion tools, here is a MPEG to VOB Converter that exemplifies both. It’s 100% clean too, and fit to be used by both professionals and beginners in the trade.

Although playback of videos is mostly performed on portable devices these days, there are many people still now who want to play them on DVD players. This converter can be of most help to them and files converted hereby can be burnt into DVDs and CDs easily. Being lightweight and powerful in form, conversions are also quick, apart from being error-free and snag-free.

The app is an amazing eye-opener for people who till date believe that video conversion is a feat for technically knowledgeable experts only. It breaks the myth with its straightforward and simplified interface, having all preset and advanced control buttons arranged in a row for making conversions simple, effective and as personalized as desired. Once the installation is done, conversion calls for only adding the files, modifying the settings if required and clicking for conversion. For batch conversion, files can be quickly dragged and dropped to start.

Other great features include a preview window, conversion order selection, image/picture saving in PNG form and high quality maintenance.

“The app we present hereby contains everything that professional and casual conversions can need for top-grade results. The UI has deliberately been kept at a very friendly level for all users to enjoy great conversions”, says an official from the developers’ office.

To know more about this MPEG to VOB Converter, click on http://download.cnet.com/Free-MPEG-to-VOB-Converter/3000-13570_4-76128580.html

About MPEG to VOB Converter

The MPEG to VOB Converter, http://download.cnet.com/Free-MPEG-to-VOB-Converter/3000-13570_4-76128580.html can be used for free for converting between the formats. The MPEG to VOB Converter converts with great quality and high speed.

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