United Kingdom. June 9, 2012. Pan Tech Autos is a leading garage offer special repair and maintenance services for smart cars. Also they offer the MOT testing facility at their garage.

Now they are offering the MOT Guildford services for Motorbikes. Every car or motorbike of three years of age needs MOT Certification. The ministry of Transportation test checks for the compatibility of cars and motorbikes. The basic aim of this MOT Testing is to see that the bike is safe for riding and it complies to all the safety standards and guidelines.

Pan Tech Autos have now introduced the specialty services for Motorbike MOT Guildford. Their team of experts deeply evaluates the motorbikes and if some repairs is required they do it at the same time.

If anyone has been looking for Motorbike MOT in Guildford he can simply go with the Pan tech autos. For more details and information about them log on to their website http://www.pantechautos.co.uk or can simply call their experts at 01483 303999 for more details and information.