Mother’s Day Quotes from &TV artists



Mother’s Day is that special day in your life when you show your love and appreciation towards your beloved mother. And everyone has his own special way of celebrating it with their proud mother. While some prefer giving cards or flowers, others choose dining out or spending the entire day with their mother as the perfect way of celebrating Mother’s Day. Let’s find out what special plans your favourite &TV celebrities have for Mother’s Day.





Saanvi Talwar a.k.a Maanvi in &TV’s Yeh Kahan Aagaye Hum says," A mother's work is never done, she works from morning until dawn and she spreads her love amongst everyone in the family. A Mother is the best teacher from who one can have endless learning. A mother understands what a child does not say.  I love my mother. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in the World! May your day be filled with love, joy and laughter"







Vishal Vashishtha a.k.a Sagar in &TV’s Gangaa says,"I was called mumma's boy back in school,and it remains my favorite title.For me life is great and eventful when mummy stays content.Always your little kid, Happy Mother's Day!"











Ratan Rajput a.k.a Santoshi in &TV Santoshi Maa says," All these days make me so emotional as I don’t stay with my family. It’s not the 8th of May which reminds me of my mother in fact it’s every day. So I had come up with an idea long back. Since 20th April is my birthday and on every 20th of the month I gift something to my mother and realize her how grateful I am to have me into this world and it is all because of her".






Aditi Vasudev a.k.a Ketki in &TV’s Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai says, “I remember rainy afternoons with my mother in Lucknow. We used to sit in our garden and count the earthworms and butterflies we saw. Those were pretty special. As a mother I would be more lenient about pets in the house, though now my mother too has started adopting cats on her own! My plans this year are to give my mom some much needed quiet time!”






Aasif Shaikha.k.a Vibhuti Narayan Mishra in &TV’s Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai says, “My mother was really sick in the last 3 years and during that times I used to stay with her only. I remember every night I used to tell her that if you need anything wake me up but one night suddenly I saw her slowly walking outside the room and when I asked her why dint she wake me up to which she told me she never wanted to trouble me. Mothers are such wonderful people and everyone who has a mother is really lucky. I remember when I wasn’t working and used to be just at home my mother walks up to me one day and gives me a very old purse and tells me here are my savings and you can use it how you want to use it. The purse had Rs 55,000 and I can never forget how my mother has supported me in every way possible. She is really dear to me”




Shubhangi Atrea.k.a Angoori Bhabhi in &TV’s Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai says“My mother used to take a lot of care of me and I remember I used to love butter milk in my childhood days. She used to churn the curd with her own hands 101 times and then give it to me since it used to considered lucky. Also, all my dresses were stitched by my mom only, as I kid I used to wear the dress I liked on TV and she would exactly make one for me. But in today’s world it is important to be friends with our children since they exposed to so many various things hence this is one thing I do differently compared to the older generation like my parents.”





Sarvar Ahujaa.k.a Palaash in &TV’s Gangaa says, “As a strong woman you are both - soft yet powerful, practical yet spiritual, and that is how you have taught me to be.You will always be the first woman I will ever love this much, you are my creator and hence my god..Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms”.


Saumya Tandon a.k.aAnita Bhabhi in &TV’s Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Haisays, “I was 6 and I had become mother Mary in the fancy dress competition, when my turn came to go on stage, I refused to go. My mother tried to convince me and pushed me to stage, and slapped me. I went up crying and said, I am Saumya Tandon not Mother Mary. But that one slap made me overcome my stage fear, and after that there was no looking back, I fell in love with stage. Here I am facing stage and camera every day of my life, thanks to my mom. I can't think of anything different I would do as a mother, I don't think I can be as good as her, she sacrificed her entire life for me and still is doing so. She is an amazing mother; I don't think I can be half as good as her. I am not too much of a believer of these days but yes, my mom feels happy if I do small things for her. I usually take her out and surprise her with a gift; I am still to decide what to gift her this Mother’s Day”



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