InstaMate web software was created as an all in one tools for Instagram marketing. It can be used for personal, commercial or brand marketing purposes. The InstaMate Review that stirred waves around the community of Internet Marketers, reveals some intricate secrets of successful brand marketing on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks that has more than 300 Million users, 75 Million of which use it every day. The male/female ratio is about 51/49 and around 40% of Instagram users are located in the USA.
Moreover, Instagram users have a higher percentage of interactions with brands. More than 4% of users engage and interact on Instagram posts, compared to only 0.07% on Facebook, Instagram is a marketing heaven for brands and businesses.

The problem is that there is not a platform that would allow streamlined marketing. The software solutions are buggy and outdated, 3rd party services are expensive and may not always accurately represent the brand or business.

The need for an effective solution drove software developer, Luke Maguire to create a web based tool that can be easily used by new or advanced users alike.

Instamate is a SaaS and does not require any marketing knowledge or technical skills. It works on computers, tablets and smartphones. One of the best features of InstaMate is the ability to turn off the laptop or computer and it will continue to work without user involvement, thanks to Scheduled Tasks.

InstaMate web app works by scanning the Internet for the most viral and buzzworthy content and then it can either post it on user’s account or schedule it for later. Software’s ability to drive many followers through engaging, eliminates the need to buy ads or other paid promotions.

Luke Maguire says that this is the first automated, web based software that can multiply the marketing efforts on Instagram, be it for individuals or for businesses that want targeted audiences.

A more detailed explanation of how InstaMate works, how it finds, posts and schedules content and a description of its features can be found at:
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