Montreal — is happy to announce that it has added several new car detailing packages and services to its lineup, while also making some changes to it’s existing packages. The biggest changes come in the form of low cost, affordable packages which will provide outstanding results without breaking the bank. This is great news for someone looking for a Montreal car detailing service at an affordable price.

It is not uncommon for a proper car detailing service to cost over 250$. The labor is very intensive and it can sometimes take over 10-20 hours depending on the shape of the car. However the technology behind some new car detailing products is allowing some detailers go get better results in a shorter ammount of time, while stil providing results that are about 80% as good as the higher end services.

“We had a lot of customers coming to us saying they would like to get their car looking brand new but just couldn’t afford or couldn’t justify spending 200$+ on a full car detail. So we decided to come up with a car detailing package that would provide a near showroom finish at a fraction of the cost”.

For instance, Vbautodetailing’s new basic detailing package, which starts at 130$, comes with many extras you would normally only find in 250$+ detailing packages. It includes:

- Complete interior vacuuming of seats, carpet, and floor mats
- Carpet Salt/Stains treated with stain remover
- Dusting of dash and center console using a microfiber towel
- Windows cleaned with an ammonia-free glass cleaner
- High pressure rinsing of all body panels and wheel wells
- Washing of vehicle with quality microfiber wash mitt and citrus based soap
- wheel arches pressure washed and degreased
- Wheels deep cleaned with various brushes, using an acid-free pH balanced wheel cleaner
- Tires degreased and dressed
- Spray-on paint decontamination to remove corrosive iron particles, tar, and heavy grease.
- Clay bar decontamination on vehicle paint and all exterior glass
- Light polishing to remove very minor surface imperfections
- Paint sealant applied for excellent shine and durability, offering several months of protection
- Chrome exhaust tips cleaned and polished

Many other detailing packages are available. They offer standard, light polishing, intensive polishing, interior detailing packages, headlight restoration, and more. For more information, visit

About has been detailing cars in the Montreal area since 2011. They offer washing, waxing, polishing, carpet extraction, steam cleaning, interior detailing, headlight restoration, engine detailing, and more. For more information, visit

Vito Baratta
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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